Minoxidil For Women

It is a bigger deal if a woman loses her hair than if a man loses his hair. You hardly see any bald women in the street, and if you do, they are most likely sporting a shaved head. Her hair is her crowning glory and a lot of women spend hundreds of dollars in hair treatments every year. So if she realizes that she is losing her hair, most probably she will get treatment such as minoxidil.

Minoxidil is a type of medication for heart problems which has been proven to also slow down and stop hair loss; it also promotes hair growth. This drug must be used continuously for continuous hair growth. However, a lot of doctors are hesitant to prescribe medication that treat female pattern baldness because of their side effects. The doctor must first determine that there is hair loss before a prescription is given because some medications for hair loss can interfere with the natural levels of androgen in the body. However, when a woman begins using treatment for hair loss like Minoxidil for women as soon as possible, the hair follicles are more likely to be saved and hair loss is prevented.

Minoxidil tablets were initially used as a high blood pressure medication but users noticed that it also caused excessive hair growth. After more research, it was found out that a solution of Minoxidil can trigger growth of hair when applied directly to the scalp. When Minoxidil cream is applied to the skin, it becomes an effective treatment for women suffering from androgenic alopecia or what is known as hair loss in women.

There has been evidence that Minoxidil for women is more effective in treating hair loss in women more than in men. Manufacturers of Minoxidil and doctors alike recommend that women who are suffering from hair loss use Minoxidil that has a 2% concentration. Minoxidil that has a 5% concentration is not recommended for use and has no approval from the FDA yet, though some dermatologists will recommend the use of extra strength Minoxidil if used under supervision. There is Minoxidil 15 percent but this is only available with a prescription and using this carries a greater risk of skin irritation and will not generate greater results. High concentrations of Minoxidil is not used for hair loss prevention but is usually used to treat hypertension.

Mixodil needs to be applied once or twice a day – or according to the recommendation of the dermatologist – and it must be used continuously to support the existing hair follicles and for continued hair growth. A dropper is an excellent applicator when minoxidil for women is applied to the hair. A dropper can measure the correct amount of medicine and it allows direct application of the product where it is needed.

However, one must keep in mind that minoxidil for women is a drug and drugs always have side effects. Ironically, one of the most alarming side effects of minoxidil for women is the hair loss when the product is first used. This is the way for the scalp to get rid of the weaker hair follicles and to make way for stronger hair follicles. Other side effects of minoxidil include itchy scalp, dandruff, and scalp irritation because of the alcohol content in the product. In rare cases, it can cause dizziness and rapid heartbeat.

minoxidil for women is contraindicated for women who already have irritated, injured or sunburned scalp because they are likely to absorb the medication in higher and dangerous levels. Minoxidil is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

If you are thinking of using minoxidil for women to treat your hair loss, you should consult with your physician first. Your physician will determine if you are indeed suffering from hair loss and will prescribe the correct concentration of  women minoxidil for you.

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